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O U R | S T O R Y 

It all started 9 years ago. Courtney purchased her first “high end” camera after saving for months. The same day she purchased the camera, her father and biggest supporter was in a tragic accident and passed away. Courtney decided that she would not give up her passion and dream to pursue her own photography business and instead make her father proud when he looked down on her. She enrolled in photography classes and even film classes (where she learned the most!). Her passion slowly but surely became her career and then she met Kwan. It was fate when Kwan picked Courtney as his beer pong partner (haha) and they later shared their passions, fears, and goals. Kwan had loved photography as a hobby and knew everything there was to know on the technological side. Courtney helped him in the creative side and together they made the perfect team. Kwan and Courtney started shooting weddings together back in 2012 and haven’t stopped since. With both of them grabbing different angles, we promise to never miss your moments. Thank you for reading our story. Now let us capture yours. 

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Courtney + Kwan

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